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"Before the abuse I was probably like every other little girl. I adored my Dad, he was my hero, I looked up to him, I wanted to be just like him."


"I nearly died of anorexia in my 20's, I've suffered from depression my entire adult life."

"The sexual abuse began when I was eleven years old and continued for five years, on a nearly daily basis. Usually a horrifying visit in the early morning hours as the rest of the family slept. My days would start in terror and end in gut wrenching anticipation of the next morning."

"My father had told me twice not to tell, and said that if I did our family would change forever after that."

"It takes decades, it really does, to sort of come to grips with what's happened, unpeel the many layers of trauma that are involved with something like sexual abuse."

"He knowingly, consciously did this to me. Did this to his own child. His little girl who worshipped the ground he walked on."

"You take everything, you rob everything from a child when you abuse that child."


"It has been a roller coaster of coping and recovery."

"He shattered whatever, whatever life that was I had before, the first time he abused me, the trajectory of that life was over."

 "I tried different tactics to avoid contact. I slept in one of my three siblings’ bedrooms, thinking he wouldn’t abuse me in their presence. That didn’t work. I slept in my school uniform thinking that I could wake up before he entered my room. That didn’t work."

"I have always wanted to be able to turn this horrible evil around and do something positive, do something good with it."

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