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HB 1468

Survivors of child sexual abuse now have until the age of 45 (up from age 20) to pursue a civil claim against their perpetrator. This law goes into effect November 1st, 2017.

My eternal thanks to my fellow survivors for their courage, to my family and friends who kept the fire burning, to everyone who called and wrote the State House, to all the lawmakers who said now is the time, and to Governor Fallin for signing the bill. Thank you!

Representative Carol Bush was there from the start and did whatever had to be done to keep the bill moving forward. Thank you for your tenacity. Senator David Holt did a fantastic job presenting the bill in the Senate Judiciary Committee and on the floor of the Senate Chamber. Thank you for your legal expertise and compassion for this issue. Representative Scott Biggs kept the bill afloat when it appeared it might be in jeopardy. Thank you for your behind-the-scenes work. And thank you to all the other lawmakers who signed on as co-authors in a show of support. Finally, a giant thank you to Representative Kevin McDugle who went public with his own trauma for the first time, and helped his colleagues understand just how pervasive this problem is, and that it can, and does, affect anyone.

Thank you lawmakers!

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