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To Prevail

In the Classroom

While the vast majority of sexual abuse outreach initiatives are aimed at prevention, 

ToPrevail's educational program is focused on helping those who have already been victimized, but suffer in silence.  Utilizing my 20 years as an educator, I've developed a unique and engaging presentation for kids in middle school and high school.  

Our program has several objectives:


Shatter the crippling sense of isolation that accompanies sexual abuse through the telling of my own story.

Empower discussion through an anonymous question and answer section.

Facilitate a role play scenario in which students learn how to talk about sexual abuse with their peers. 


Foster an atmosphere of hope and empathy, conveying the message that although scary, coming forward will lead to good things.

Connection with local counselors/authorities to ensure proper follow up.

As an indication of the program's effectiveness, below are some of the actual questions and notes that students have written to me during the anonymous Q & A section.    

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