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House Bill 1470 would enable survivors of child sexual abuse to pursue civil claims against their perpetrators by extending the current statute of limitations to age 45. As it is now, for all intents and purposes, survivors only have until age 20. 

Under current law, a survivor essentially has until the age of 20 to file a civil claim. Claims may also be filed up until age 38, however, this only applies to instances of repressed memories. Most survivors of child sexual abuse do not have repressed memories, in fact, quite the opposite, they struggle every day to cope with memories of what happened to them. HB1470 would eliminate the requirement that an individual must have a repressed memory in order to file a claim. 

HB1470 passed through the House Civil and Environmental Committee 11-1 

Survivors in Solidarity member Cheryl Regier bravely shared her story with lawmakers to stress the importance of reform of the statute of limitations. 

Representative Carol Bush is the principal sponsor of the bill in the House. We tremendously appreciate her support, dedication, and persistence.

Representatives Dale Derby, Leslie Osborn, Kevin McDugle and Josh West are co-authors of HB1470. We greatly appreciate their passion, expertise, and drive to help us achieve success with this bill.

Senator David Holt is the author of the bill in the Senate, and Senators Julie Daniels, Kyle Loveless, and Anastasia Pittman are co-authors.  We thank you for your support!

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