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HB 1468

Under current law, if DNA evidence is available the statute of limitations can be lifted, however, a victim must still report the crime within 12 years of the incident in order for this to take effect. This is a major flaw in the law since abuse victims usually don't come forward with what happened to them until their late 30's or early 40's. HB1468 would keep the DNA  portion of the law but eliminate the 12 year reporting deadline.

House Bill 1468 aims to help survivors of childhood sexual abuse achieve justice in the criminal court system, expose current sexual predators, and enact safeguards to discourage misuse of the law. 

Survivors in Solidarity member Loretta Lofton courageously shared her story with lawmakers to drive home the point that reform is needed on the statute of limitations. 

Under current law, a survivor essentially has until the age of 31 to report their abuse to the authorities. But research shows that the average age of disclosure is 38 for men and 41 for women.  HB1468 would extend the statute of limitations to 45. Why not push for a higher age or eliminate the age restriction completely? Because as we learned with our lobbying efforts in 2016, change takes time, and this is a compromise between achieving some reform or none at all. 

HB1468 passed through the House Criminal Justice and Corrections committee

unanimously, 10-0 

Be a part of the change! Sign our petition urging lawmakers to vote yes on HB1468. Click on the box to be taken to the petition page. Thank you for your support!

Representative Carol Bush is the principal sponsor of the bill in the House. We tremendously appreciate her support.

Representatives Scott Biggs, Dale Derby, Regina Goodwin, Ben Loring, Leslie Osborn, Kevin McDugle, and Josh West, and  are co-sponsors of HB1468. It is tremendously moving to have these lawmakers of compassion and strength stand along side us in this endeavor. Thank you!

Senator David Holt is the principal sponsor of the bill in the Senate, and Senators Julie Daniels  and Kyle Loveless are co-authors. Your dedication and commitment are inspiring.  We thank you for your support!

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