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Insult to Injury

Throughout his legal career, my father participated in organizations that fight for abused and neglected children. I don't know whether his activities were as a result of a guilty conscience, or whether he was trying to perpetuate the "good Mike" image, but I do know how I feel about it, and that is that it just adds insult to injury and compounds my trauma. 

"The consent order would say, 'here's how we are going to correct these problems, here's how we're going to protect these children, here's how we're going to keep them from harm," said attorney Michael Lewis - Newson6, 2008

 In 2008 he fought for a group called Children’s Rights that sued DHS over the poor treatment of foster children.

In 2016 he was scheduled to teach a class called the Ethics of Representing Children for an organization called Tulsa Lawyers for Children whose mission statement is Protecting Rights of Abused Children.

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